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 Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!)

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Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!) Empty
PostSubject: Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!)   Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 1:18 am

Name: Aaron Hey

True name: Passinate

Partner: None yet

Birthday: The first day Of october, 1 minute before midnight

Age: 21

Occupation: Part time Erotica Author

Appearance: Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!) 346p7q0

Height: 6'1 (he's tall)

Build: Not too skinny but not too muscly either

Eyes: Emerald/Amber eyes

Hair: Natural brunette

Ears & tail: Ears Brown, one ear got a white patch though, the tail is stripped brown with White

Name location: On his left thign xD




* Photographic memory
* Persuasion abilities
* Reading
* Sweets
* Hiking
* flirting
* Ramen
* learning new things


* Pain
* Ritsu
* Fighting/arguing
* Heights
* Restrictions


Other – you can write whatever you like here about your character, but it shouldn’t pertain to any of the other categories.

Nickname – if your character has a nickname, this category should be placed after the “Name” category.

Ethnicity – White British

Sexuality – Bisexual

** Judo
** Sketching
** English
** Cooking
** Art
** Photographic memory
** Persuasion abilities
** Video games

++ Flaw: He worries about his partner
++ Fear: Being Alone
++ Flaw He can be quite controling
++ Fear: Heights
++ Flaw: Always Pretends He Okay. When He isn't Not.
++ Fear: Losing his most precious treasure
++ Flaw: He holds himself back
++ Fear: Being restricted
++ Flaw: He's hotheaded
++ Fear: Losing
++ Flaw: He hates having weaknesses

* Even though he doesn't like to admit it, he have a very wide knowledge of the meaning of names, like his name for a example, means mountain
* He is deaf

(I will finish later >.<' Have to head sleep)[b]
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Passinate Fighter (Looking for Sacifice/blank!)
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