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 The End (Closed)

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The End (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: The End (Closed)   The End (Closed) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 10:54 pm

Ai stared calmly out at the water before her; she was sure something was going to happen today, something bad. The feeling settled in the pit of her stomach and the girl nearly wretched. Straightening, because she had doubled over before, the girl settled herself on a fallen tree and resumed her thoughtless watch.

She noticed how long she was sitting there when sun started to set; suddenly it became quite dark. Sora weeped, looking at her with his big eyes. Being there so long was boring for small dog. Ai bend down, patting his head. It was time for them to go back home, her grand parents were probably really angry at her now ... maybe she would be grounded again. No maybe, rather, for sure.
Frowning she get up, lost in her thoughts. That was bad day, something in the air was telling it to her.
Thoughtlessly Ai started to walk, pulling leash. Road was empty, she didn't need to care about cars. It was too narrow for them to ride fast, and she would for sure hear if any of them would approach her.
Or so she thought.

Red sports car that literally jumped from behind the corner hit her before Ai could turn around to check why Sora was barking.
Girl flew few meters; she was dead long before her slim body hit the ground.
Sora freeze on verge of road.

After ambulance took care of not moving body of his owner, and man in his red, sports car disappeared, small white dog sat down. He was all alone now. Noticing that fact, Sora raised his head and howled.
Being alone in this unfamiliar place was scaring him.
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The End (Closed)
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