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 RULES for forum

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RULES for forum Empty
PostSubject: RULES for forum   RULES for forum I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 1:54 am

Before you start posting be sure to read those rules.


1. After you register, you will receive instructions what to do next to be activated.
2. If you won't show for max. 7 days after activation, I'll delete your account.
3. If 2 weeks from activation you won't start RP (that means first PM-ing me about rules and getting character profile accepted) your account will be deleted.
4. Great, you're reading this. Keep up good work and check other rules as well.

Deleting Accounts:

1. Users who suddenly stop writing and showing on forum for more that 2 months will be deactivated. You will receive e-mail about this; in case of not contacting me back, your account will be deleted. All details will be send in e-mail.
2. You can prevent deleting your account if you send me or MODs PM with explanation why you won't be active, and for how long, or write it "Welcome" section in topic "vacation/leave times". In most crucial cases you can ask other user you have contact with outside forum to inform me what's going on.
3. If you ask Admin to be added to "Observer" group, your account will be deleted after 3 months of your inactivity.


1. Observer can but don't have to participate in threads in "General Chat" section. Aside from that section, they can't write in any other sections.
2. Observer will be deleted only after 3 months of not showing online.
3. Observer can always ask to leave "Observer" group, and became regular member.
4. Member who leaves for less than three months but don't want their account to be deleted can ask to be added to Observer group.
5. Observer doesn't need to send to me confirmation of reading rules. To be part of this group you only need to ask me to add you to it.


1. Avatars are 150x200 px and 64kb.
2. You must have face of your character in your avatar. This way it'll be easier to RP for all of us.

RP Section

1. Rules for RP Section are in topic "Rules for RP" in this category.
2. I want you to send private message to me after you read rules for role playing and RP tips. Start it with 'Nice to meet you'.

General Chat and other

1. You can have as many talks as you want here. Limited amount of threads in which you can participate is only for RP.
2. But use common sense. You can't start new topic every 5 minutes ...
3. Although there is chatbox active, remember that it's still FORUM. Don't concentrate on writing only in chatbox.

Be sure you read everything before starting.
If you have any questions, you don't understand something, ask in "Question" section. Be sure to explain what you want to know. If I won't get private message from you, you won't be able to start RP. So read other rules carefully.

Your Admin,

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RULES for forum
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